Wisdom Stone Journey

Create a powerful  Sculpture of your life journey.

…..I created a game with special river stones to help you construct a sculpture of your life journey, from birth to death. You are asked to select the first one representing you. Then pick and place more stones with a series of special questions about your life. In the end you have created a complete life sculpture of your journey, now. It is a powerful and illuminating process. See Testimonials for participants experiences.

Paul said: This is such a light approach with open questions, all sorts of deep stuff can float up.You catch its hidden dimensions with sideways glances through passing mirrors. You have made a very nice mirror for ones life’s journey that flashes can come through when ready.

Explore your life journey now

Option One

Have a free 30min skype call with Paddy, about the wisdom stone journey or other issues. Click  Contact Paddy

Option Two

Do your own life journey – Free and Online, using the wisdom stone journey video tutorial. Click Tutorial

Option Three

Schedule a full Wisdom Stone Journey session with Paddy in his special skype studio. One hour session to answer questions and then choose and place stones to build a complete life journey sculpture. Includes, a portrait photo of your sculpture, artist rendering image plus notes on areas for reflection. Cost $95. Click Contact Paddy