About Paddy

Paddy is a counselor/therapist living in Tasmania, Australia. He has just finished building his new house there, after having recently moved from mainland Australia.

He is a counsellor, facilitates workshops, makes videos, writes blogs and poetry.  He spent  8 months developing his new Wisdom Stone Journey therapeutic tool which you see here.

Late in his career a Buddhist prison chaplain one day a week for six years in a maximum security prison. There he ran regular meditation and discussion sessions for a wide variety of inmates including Indgenous Australians.

He combines his skills from Yoga, massage and Buddhism in his work along with more traditional counselling skills. He has a wide ranging interest in counselling modalities, his favourites being the work of Jung and Irvin Yalom, the writer on existential therapy.

The skills and insights from a range of Shaman traditions are of great interest to him, in particular acknowledging the presence and value of all things, plants, animals, ancestors and spirits. Shaman rituals and journeys are integrated with the Wisdom Stone work.

Paddy enjoys the poetic form and has written quite a few poems, which he intends making available here.

Some see him as a renaissance man, as he also has a variety of manual skills, building, metal work and sourdough breadmaking.

In order to communicate and promote Wisdom Stones, he has learnt video making and editing and website development and loved the challenge. All the videos on this site have been done by Paddy

The video also on this page is Paddy’s story about his involvement with the river stones that led to the creation of the Wisdom Stones


How the river stones ended up as the wisdom stone journey. Play video below.