Journey So Far – building a presence and service

Eight months ago, the wisdom stone journey started, in a chance encounter with David a friend. A spontaneous insight came to use my wisdom stone collection to play a life guide journey game with him. Some interesting and useful outcomes, occurred creating more focus and clarity for David.

I thought this is an interesting and effective tool, I wonder if it works for other people. I tested it with about twenty people, including by Skype. Positive outcomes happened in all tests.

So I decided to develop it as a service and offer it out to the world via the internet. I realised it was a very visual story which needed a video medium to effectively communicate it. I had for some years wanted to acquire the skill of making and editing videos. I had the gear and now I had the goal to communicate the wisdom stone journey.

I started using online resources learning video making with my Canon 70D DSLR camera and Cyberlink Power Director 15 video editor. I set up a professional studio, for doing the journey on skype and taking videos. A huge learning task for me but got there not master level but enough to meet my needs. Then making and editing 7 videos.

Now registering a domain name, hosting it with Go Daddy and getting a WordPress theme builder Divi. Another steep learning curve, but now have achieved the competence required to get started. I have set up a number of pages on the site, which tells the story, my services and how to do the journey yourself using my video tutorial. The last page I set up was the blog post page. My first post, just tells the story so far, 8 mths of dedicated work from its inception.  I intend adding a lot more posts, many of which will provide resources for you in processing the wisdom stone journey.